Dear International Marketer

Dear International Marketer of Education Institution in the world


We are looking for a suitable educational institution with which we can share ideas, mottos, and passion for education.

People sometimes ask us about the abbreviation of "AJ." Usually our staff answers this question with, "Apple Juice which our president likes!" However, I answer this question with, "AJ stands for Ambitious Japan." We encourage young learners to study abroad and expand their point of view.

We are the Education Group Supporting One's Growth through a Multi-Faceted Approach

AJ International Study Abroad Support Center has endeavored to emphasize the importance of learning through experience since our establishment in 2001. Our motto is "Learn From Experience," and through study abroad programs we make efforts to encourage people to think from a more global perspective at all times, to become more independent, and develop the confidence to address various situations they may encounter in the future.

Also, we manage AJ International High School, which is for those who choose not to attend school. The goal of our school is to help students develop their personalities and expand their potential. We encourage them to think inventively and develop their characters while instilling a strong sense of responsibility.

AJ International Study Abroad Support Center is not just another study abroad procedure company, but we strive to contribute to the global community as an education group supporting one's growth through a multi-faceted approach.

If you and your institution are able to share this idea and motto, I am very happy to work with you. Please feel free to contact me.

I am visiting the school all over the world at least four times a year (usually more than five times). It is hoped to visit your school near future.

Muneto Iwasaki, AJ.Co.,LTD

Membership of Professional Institutions / Bodies Concerned

USA: NAFSA.:we usually attend national conference and region I and XII conference. Washington Club
CA :We attend Study in Canada Fair regularly
UK : British Council, Participated Education UK Mission for Japanese agents 2008
British Council Certified Adviser (Muneto Iwasaki, president of AJ)
AU: We attend Study in Australia Fair regularly
NZ: Participated in PACE Agents Familiarization Tour by Education NZ 2005
ICEF: We attend ICEF workshop regularly.
NPO Study Abroad Support Council in Japan (Muneto Iwasaki is the director of this council)